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Construction Accident – Fall from Ladder

$5.5 Million Settlement for a 40 year old electrician who fell from an extension ladder after sustaining an electrical shock from a lighting fixture he was repairing in a warehouse located in Brooklyn. He fell approximately 14 to 16 feet to the ground and struck his head on the floor. He was diagnosed with a skull fracture, internal bleeding and swelling of the brain, spinal fractures, rib fractures, and puncture wounds of his lungs. He underwent the insertion of an endoctracheal tube, chest and nasogastric tubes, a Foley catheter, a subclavian central venous line, and an intracranial pressure monitor which was inserted through a hole that had been created in his skull.

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At Suris & Associates, we realize that an accident or injury can impact the physical, financial and emotional well-being of you and your loved ones. Whether the injury is severe or simply consists of “aches and pains” you have a right to be compensated for your accident-related costs: Repair costs for property damages Past and future lost wages Past and future medical expenses Past and future pain and suffering At...

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Our team of highly skilled attorneys have helped New York accident victims recover more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements. We fight because we care about your cause. Let one of our lawyers fight to get you the results you deserve.

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$9.95 Million Settlement

$9.95 Million Settlement for a 28-year-old social worker, whose leg was nearly severed when a van careemed out of a collision, striking the Plaintiff’s vehicle on the driver’s side. The van’s driver had been traveling westbound on the road parallel to the parking lot when he collided with a vehicle also traveling westbound, causing him to hurtle in to the parking lot where he collided with the Plaintiff.  Our client sustained catastrophic damage to her left leg’s popliteal and tibial arteries and in an effort to save the limb a Thrombectomy was performed – which involved the removal of residual clots and grafting of veins from her right leg. The procedure failed, and the left leg could not be saved, ultimately resulting in the amputation of the leg above the knee.