Defective Products

A defective product usually causes hundreds or thousands of injuries because such product is marketed all across the country. That’s why consumer goods’ producers should take special measures to ensure the product is safe to users.

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Defective Auto Related Products

Automobile Accelerator Pedal

Automobile Defective Airbags

Automobile Defective Car Seats

Automobile Defective Tires

Automobile Seat Belts

Dangerous Consumer Products

Drop-side child crib

Children high chairs

Easy bake ovens

Gel firepots

Roman shades

Teflon dangers

Various medical devices


Types of claims in defective product liability cases

Strict Liability

Under strict liability rules, an defective product attorney does not need to prove that a manufacturer was negligent in order to recover compensation when harmed by a product. Instead, the manufacturer is assumed to be responsible if the product caused harm when used as intended.

Negligence / Breach of Warranty – failure to warn

In addition to strict liability rules, manufacturers also have a duty to warn customers about any risks that are inherent in the use of their products. As such, injured victims harmed by dangerous or defective items can pursue a claim for failure to warn as well.

Compensation in defective product liability cases

Medical bills resulting from injuries caused by the defective product

Lost income/wages

Pain and suffering caused by the injuries from the defective product

Emotional distress resulting from the accident or injuries

Wrongful death if the defective product caused your family member or loved one to suffer fatal injuries

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