Verdicts and Settlements

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Notable Cases


Motor Vehicle Accident

$9.95 Million Settlement for a 28-year-old social worker, whose leg was nearly severed when a van careemed out of a collision, striking the Plaintiff’s vehicle on the driver’s side. The van’s driver had been traveling westbound on the road parallel to the parking lot when he collided with a vehicle also traveling westbound, causing him to hurtle in to the parking lot where he collided with the Plaintiff.  Our client sustained catastrophic damage to her left leg’s popliteal and tibial arteries and in an effort to save the limb a Thrombectomy was performed – which involved the removal of residual clots and grafting of veins from her right leg. The procedure failed, and the left leg could not be saved, ultimately resulting in the amputation of the leg above the knee.


Construction Accident – Fall from Ladder

$5.5 Million Settlement for a 40 year old electrician who fell from an extension ladder after sustaining an electrical shock from a lighting fixture he was repairing in a warehouse located in Brooklyn. He fell approximately 14 to 16 feet to the ground and struck his head on the floor. He was diagnosed with a skull fracture, internal bleeding and swelling of the brain, spinal fractures, rib fractures, and puncture wounds of his lungs. He underwent the insertion of an endoctracheal tube, chest and nasogastric tubes, a Foley catheter, a subclavian central venous line, and an intracranial pressure monitor which was inserted through a hole that had been created in his skull.


Motor Vehicle Accident – Illegal U-Turn

$2.85 Million Settlement for a 5-year-old boy who was a passenger in the backseat of a sedan operated by his father when a fully loaded tractor trailer made an illegal left turn from a stop sign causing the sedan to collide with the rear of the trailer. The Plaintiff was unrestrained at the time of the collision, resulting in an open depressed skull fracture; a mandibular fracture; a right orbital fracture and bilateral femur fractions – which ultimately required surgery that included metal plates and screws to repair both legs. Additionally, neuropsychological testing showed deficits in attention; executive functioning, memory and impulsive behavior – all which were attributed to his head trauma resulting from the accident.


Workplace Slip and Fall Accident – Defective Staircase

$2 Million Settlement for a carpenter who was injured at work. He was exiting a jobsite trailer to begin the day’s work when he was caused to fall down a negligently installed and negligently maintained temporary staircase. Plaintiff fell approximately 5 feet to the pavement, losing consciousness and suffering injuries to his wrist, knee, shoulder and lower back. The plaintiff had surgeries to his wrist, knee and shoulder.


Motor Vehicle Accident – Sideswipe

$1.7 Million Settlement f or a 36-year-old construction worker who was riding his motorcycle in the slow lane of the Long Island Expressway when he was sideswiped by a sport utility vehicle. The defendant’s vehicle hit the plaintiff on his left knee causing his motorcycle to tip over and slide for approximately 150 yards before coming to a stop in the breakdown lane. Our client was transported to the hospital in an ambulance with a left tibial plateau fracture; resulting in an open reduction, internal fixation surgery to repair the fracture. Four months later, he underwent arthroscopic surgery on the left knee to repair meniscal damage caused by the fracture.


Construction Accident – Falling plywood

1.5 Million Settlement for a carpenter and farmer injured while working at a residential construction site in Stony Brook. While he was working on the site\’s first floor, his head was struck by a piece of plywood that had been dropped from the site\’s third floor. He was diagnosed with a skull fracture and a compound comminuted fracture of the frontal sinus. He underwent a craniotomy as well as sinus cranial elevation, exenteration and reconstruction.


Motor Vehicle Accident – Distracted driver’s turn causes car crash

$1.3 Million Settlement for one of our clients which occured when the defendant turned his car while distracted, thus resulting in a car crash with our client.


Motor Vehicle Accident – Stop sign

$1 Million Settlement for a 40 year old painter who was struck on the driver’s side door by the defendant’s vehicle who allegedly ran the stop sign at the intersection which Plaintiff’s vehicle proceeded to drive through. Plaintiff sustained a herniated cervical disc requiring discectomy; fractured right thumb; torn left rotator cuff; fractured fifth metatarsal of right foot; and torn left medial meniscus.


Construction Accident

$900,000 Settlement for a 29 year old union bricklayer who was injured while performing masonry standing on a scaffold located in the rear of Canaan Elementary when one of the two thick, unsecured scaffold planks lifted and twisted toward the building. Plaintiff claimed that he sustained injuries to his right knee, right shoulder and cervical spine as a result of the accident. He ultimately underwent right knee reconstructive surgery and underwent physical therapy for his knee both before and after the surgery. In addition, he claimed that the accident caused him to suffer a C3-4 central disc bulge with an end-plate spur deforming the dural sac and straightening of the cervical lordosis. However, he did not seek treatment for his spinal condition.

$875,000 Settlement

Motor Vehicle Accident – Rear-End

$875,000 Settlement for a woman who was stopped in traffic when her vehicle was rear-ended by the defendant’s vehicle, and then pushed into the vehicle in front of her. Plaintiff sustained herniated cervical discs requiring anterior cervical decompression surgery; left shoulder labral tear requiring cortisone injections and arthroscopic surgery; lumbar bulges requiring epidural steroid injections; and thoracic radiculopathy.

$765,000 Settlement

Motor Vehicle Accident – Stop Sign

$765,000 Settlement for a man whose vehicle was t-boned on the driver’s side by the defendant’s vehicle, which allegedly ran the stop sign at the intersection which Plaintiff’s vehicle proceeded to drive through. As a result of the accident, he sustained a fibula-tibia fracture; left wrist fracture; and left humerus fracture. Due to the severity of the fractures, Plaintiff was brought to the operating room for emergency surgery, consisting of left tibia surgery and open reduction and internal fixation of his left humerus.

$761,000 Settlement

Premises Liability – Fall from second story balcony that collapsed

$761,000 Settlement for a 39 year old man who was working as a painter at a private residence, standing on the second story exterior patio, shaking off a drop cloth, when the railing broke free and the patio collapsed, causing him to fall approximately twenty (20) feet to the ground below. As a result, he landed on the ground and suffered right closed intraarticular distal radius fracture, left open intra-articular distal radius fracture, a thoracic wedge fracture, lumbar disc bulge, lumbar disc herniation, and right knee tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus and proximal anterior cruciate ligament fibers. Due to the severity of the wrist fractures, he was required to undergo emergency open reduction and internal fixation of his bilateral distal radius as well as irrigation and debridement of his left open fracture.


Wrongful Death – Construction Accident – Fall from ladder

$675,000 Settlement for the wrongful death of a 49 year old construction worker who fell from an 8 foot ladder while he was cutting in the area of a large air conditioning unit. He became startled and fearing that the unit would fall on him, he jumped backward. He sustained blunt fatal trauma of the head and died at the age of 49. He was survived by his wife and 13 year old daughter, residents of Honduras.

$675,000 Arbitration Award

Pedestrian Knockdown / Motor Vehicle Accident

$675,000 arbitration award for a 42 year old man that was performing maintenance on his front lawn by blowing leaves with a gasoline powered leaf blower when he was forcefully struck by the right side view mirror of Defendant’s vehicle, which was traveling down the block at an unsafe rate of speed. Plaintiff sustained cervical herniations, and cervical and lumbar radiculopathy, requiring him to undergo cervical decompression and fusion at C5-C6 and C6-C7, and lumbar anterior/posterior spinal fusion.


Slip and Fall – parking lot – snow and ice

$500,000 Settlement for a woman who slipped and fell while walking in the parking lot of a restaurant due to an accumulation of snow and ice in the parking lot. As a result, she sustained soft tissue injuries of the low back and neck, including a cervical disc bulge and lumbar herniations, which required her to undergo two epidural steroidal injections and lumbar spine surgery. The parties agreed to settle the case for the full policy limit of $500,000 prior to the case being put into suit.


Motor Vehicle Accident – Red Light

$645,000 Verdict for a 42-year-old automobile mechanic was driving southbound through an intersection in Medford when the defendant, driving westbound in a sport utility vehicle, ran through a red light and struck the plaintiff. As a result, the Plaintiff sustained a fracture of his right ankle talus; a partial-thickness tear of his right knee’s meniscus; a partial tear of his right shoulder’s rotator cuff requiring surgical repair; and a herniation of an intervertebral disc in his cervical spine.


Motor Vehicle Accident – Sideswipe

$550,000 Settlement for 28-year-old billing clerk who was driving on North Franklin Street in Hempstead when she was involved in a sideswipe collision with a truck. The Plaintiff’s injuries included herniations to her C3-4, C4-5, C5-6, and L5-S1 intervertebral discs; subluxation of vertebrae in her spine’s cervical, lumbar and thoracic regions; sprains and strains of her cervical, lumbar and thoracic regions; trauma that produced a bulge of her L4-5 disc. Ultimately, she underwent the administration of two epidural injections; a vertebrectomy; a discectomy, which involved excision of her C4-5 disc; implantation of an artificial disc; fusion of her spine’s C4-5 level; and implementation of stabilizing hardware.


Motorcycle Accident – Drivers hasty left turn caused crash

$450,000 settlement for a motorcyclist who was struck by a car that was making a left turn in front of his bike. Ahmed claimed he sustained injuries to one hip, one leg, and one wrist. He sustained a fracture of his left femur, a fracture of his right hip’s acetabulum, a dislocation of his right hip, an inferior dislocation of his right femur, a displaced fracture of his left wrist, a concussion, abrasions, contusions, soft-tissue injuries, and tears of ligaments and tendons. As a result of his injuries, he underwent several surgeries including the internal fixation of an intramedullary rod and interlocking screws in his left leg as well as a bone graft for his left wrist.


Motor Vehicle Accident – Tractor Trailer

$425,000 Settlement for a man whose vehicle was stopped in traffic when it was struck by a trailing truck. As a result of the accident, he sustained herniations of three intervetebral discs, stenosis of his spinal canal, straightening of his spine’s normal lordosis, carpal tunnel syndrome in both of his wrists, narrowing of the neural foramen and cervical disc bulges. He underwent two years of conservative care but his condition ultimately necessitated surgery, fusion of his spine.